Saturday, January 08, 2005

Home For The Ages

At first glance, you might think this is Lincoln's log cabin. Until you remember that Lincoln didn't call his home Garden of Eden. And that his cabin was made of wood.

From Memepool:

S.P. Dinsmoor (not to be confused with Dinsdale) began, at the age of 64, to build a monument that would stand long after he was gone. With 2,273 sacks of cement and countless tons of limestone, he constructed a "log" home and sculpture garden in Lucas, Kansas called the Garden of Eden.

If you're worried that your childhood home might vanish before your next visit, concrete might be the way to go.

The Truth Behind the Truth

There comes a first time
when you see your parent as fallible -- the shell cracks and you get a peek at the person within. You discover that the advice and direction you've received might be less than AAA approved; more akin to hand-scrawled road directions stapled to telephone poles for last week's party, where you probably weren't invited in the first place.

If this has happened to you, prepare yourself: it's about to happen again.

Crack the shell and see the truth within this impeccable seer.

Food That Speaks To You

Here's proof that your food can speak to you, even if you don't eat live flies. (via The Cartoonist.)

Friday, January 07, 2005

Losing My Mind

We were watching an episode of Coach, and Mary asked me the name of the actor who plays the titular character. And I didn't know. I knew that I knew, but I didn't. If you know what I mean.

When I was a kid I studied the TV Guide. I read it cover-to-cover, with the same devotion I gave to my cereal boxes and toothpaste tubes. (sadly, text books aren't printed on cereal boxes, so my memory suffered in school.)

I knew every actor's name.

And now I don't. Part of getting older (he writes at the grand age of 44) is accepting this new shade of uncertainty in your day, where whatshisname becomes a satisfactory answer to the question, "Who played the coach on Coach?"

I mention this because I was browsing through my files and came across this picture of Spot and I couldn't remember why he looked the way he did. Was it something he ate? Perhaps the result of a bee sting?

After a long moment I remembered.

I think that's why patience is a refinement of age. When your day is marked by long moments, you need something to keep you company while you wait for them to pass.

And by the way, it hit me eventually: Craig T. Nelson. (and I'll note in passing that the actor shares the same middle initial as Spot T. Frog.)

Another Deadline Dodged

Fridays are always exciting, since it's generally my deadline. I start the week with the fair assumption that I'll think of something to say, but I'm still mildly dazed when I send off my six days of Spot.

This bit of spot art is from the January 27 strip. I'll leave it to your imaginations to decide Spot's fate.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

77 Minutes Fashionably Late

It's 1:17 in the morning, and it just hit me: it was the fifth of January 77 minutes ago. That makes it official. Spot the Frog (the strip, not the frog) is one year old.


Sunday, January 02, 2005


If you recognize the sound in the headline, then you may well be a cartoonist. Or a fan of one.

OOOOOOiiiiiiYYYYY!, of course, is the sound of Santa Claus moaning.

Green Mountains, Black Ink

I didn't learn to cartoon from a school -- though I certainly cartooned in school, usually in science class -- but if I were younger and inclined towards that sort of thing, I might give this school a shot.

Spot Comes in Third

When it comes to humor, some frogs have all the advantages.

Future Reference

Should Spot or Buddy have trouble spotting the real thing next year, keep this image handy.