Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sometimes Hippo Rhymes With Orange

As I continue my theme of hippopotomi and cartoonists, here's a quote from Hilary Price's website:

My first actual cartoon character was a friendly monster that looked a little like a sitting-down hippopotamus. I used my mother's blusher from her cosmetic's bag to "paint" it. That's probably that last time I have touched a cosmetics bag for any purpose.

With credentials like those, it's my opportunity to welcome Hilary Price to the Hippopotami Club For Cartoonists, and to talk about her work in general.

It's sweet. It's smart. It's funny. A drawing style clear as glass -- not stained glass, and not some bobble on the end of a glassblower's pipe. It reminds me -- and this is a compliment -- of those little jelly jars with Fred Flintstone or Charlie Brown printed on the glass. I have a small set of Peanuts jelly glasses. They're too small to sip from, and too small to support flowers. But they're large enough to remind me of the strip's good humor. They're transparent enough to hold each character to the light.

Rhymes With Orange
is just the right size, and perfectly clear.