Monday, March 21, 2005

Pets That Resemble The Cartoonists Who Drawn Them

I was working on a strip this morning when Mary called, "There's a frog on the Today Show!"

Always alert to my competition, I ran to the TV and saw a frog sitting on a tiny jet ski. A moment later the same frog was tucked into a tiny rowboat, wearing a Gilligan-style hat and holding -- well, sitting beside -- a fishing pole. The frog never moved, and I was tempted to think it was a toy. But as I stared I saw the frog breathe and quietly smack its lips.

Apparently the Today Show is having a pet contest. I don't know if it's restricted to anthropomorphic species and wardrobes.

Very odd to look at. Especially the shot of the frog in the boat. I could easily picture Spot doing the same thing -- just with more animation. With its sullen pout and stoic slouch, the frog looked more like me than the frog I draw.