Sunday, March 13, 2005

On Pickles And Talking Carrots

I've mentioned Pickles by Brian Crane before because his character Earl and my character Karl have a certain resemblance. They both have noses, for one, and are bald with a mustache for another. And just now I'm noticing that they share the same first names, save for the first letter. It's all coincidence, of course. When Pickles launched, Karl was a talking carrot. Sure, he wore the same clothes and had the same mustache, but he was a vegetable.

All that aside, I mention the strip once again because I've recently convinced myself that readers will go along with the vagaries of pen line that develop over time as Spot and cast change their appearance. But apparently the accommodation can vanish if the change is abrupt. Via

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Crane says he deliberately tries not to be offensive or "edgy for the sake of being edgy." He did strike a chord a few years ago, though, when Earl grew a beard.

"I was just totally inundated with passionate responses to how this imaginary character looked," he says. The majority ruled; Earl's whiskers were history.

So allow me to repeat: puberty aside, Spot won't be growing a beard. A tasteful little soul patch, perhaps, but never a beard.