Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Incredible Music

I've just seen -- and heard -- the best James Bond movie in years, perhaps decades. It's hard to think clearly with the music racing through my head. I didn't see The Incredibles in the theater, but the sound must have struck every ear like a thunderclap.

I watched it on DVD, and listened through tiny TV speakers.

And even then the sound was enormous.

The composer is Michael Giacchino, television stepchild to John Barry and Lalo Schiffrin and Count Basie.

Here's Giacchino in an interview with soundtrack.net, explaining his -- and Brad Bird's -- musical inspiration:

When I first met with Brad, he asked me what I grew up listening to I told him I loved the Pink Panther movies, Star Wars, "Jonny Quest", "The Flintstones", "The Jetsons", "The Twilight Zone" - all these things. And we quickly realized what he and I both had a love for those 1960s jazz orchestra scores. It was an amazing time, when they were just going for it, with those jazz influences. No one was saying, "Oh that sounds cheesy" - it was what it was, and you believed in it, and just went with it. Brad's point was, when he was a kid he would hear that theme to "Jonny Quest" and would want to be Jonny Quest.

I'm 44 and paunched and it's likely I'll never grow up to be Jonny Quest. But as long as I hear the music, anything seems possible.