Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ice Out, Ice In

Spot the Frog features frogs that can inflate into balloons, turn into snowballs, and in one instance, develop an infatuation for Marg Helgenberger.

This strikes me as perfectly normal.

(Spot's compressed profile is the result of holding back a burp that might reveal to C.S.I. that he's eaten a leftover snowman, which soon leads to the resurrection of the Headless Snowman -- though I suppose that all goes without saying.)

But a while ago I wrote a series on Spot's pond thawing out. I was ready to draw them when I noticed that the strips would run in mid-March, which is generally too soon for New Hampshire lakes and ponds to shake off their ice. I found a website that showed early April as the more likely date for emancipation.

It's funny how poetic license extends more easily to burping frogs than to thawing ponds.