Sunday, March 27, 2005

I Want To Kill Cathy

Those aren't my words. I'm not a Cathy fan, but when I take the time to read a daily, I always find it well-crafted. I'm amazed by Guisewite's ability to juggle so many words without dropping the ball -- every strip has a punchline, and every word leads you to it. If you stand back a few paces and consider the wall of words in a Cathy strip, it's easy to presume overwriting; a brick layer who loves bricks too much. But try to remove a single brick and the edifice is somehow less.

The "I Want To Kill Cathy" confession is the lead of an editorial where Julie Doll wrestles in public with a potentially impending execution.

I don't know if Spot is being considered, but if you live in the readership area, it never hurts to make the suggestion.