Friday, March 18, 2005

I Ribbet

From, a story of arranged marriage, frogs, and an impending drought. To inspire a wedding gift from the Hindu rain god Indra, a dozen weddings like this were conducted in the state of Assam:

The residents split into two groups - one pretending to be from the bridegroom's side and the other from the bride's family. Accompanied by beats of drums and cymbals, a Hindu priest performed the marriage rituals with turmeric pastes and vermilion splashed on the frog 'couple'.

And amid the chanting of religious hymns - and some croaking of the frogs - the two were declared 'man' and 'wife'.

The frogs were released to enjoy their honeymoon.

I'd be surprised if the nuptials influenced the weather, but I'd also be surprised if it didn't rain eventually.

Life is often about playing the odds. Millions of Americans buy lottery tickets in hopes of another sort of downpour.

They'd be better off tossing rice at frogs.