Friday, March 11, 2005

Hey, Look!

This is a comic I've seen in bits and pieces, but never whole. There's a book collection if you'd like to get the full eye-experience, but in the meanwhile you can sample 154 pages at the Cartoonist Group.

If you'd like to buy the book, I see that used copies are priced to sell at Amazon for $246.99. But, alas, not to me.

This is work Harvey Kurtzman did before MAD. But there's MAD in every panel.

Another cartoonist who carries on in the manic spirit of Kurtzman is Keith Knight. Word and art would leap from the page and bite the nearest finger were it not for the safeguard of two-dimensions.

And speaking of words, I was reading a thread on the importance of a cartoonist's lettering at Darrin Bell's Toon Talk board. Though I occasionally fantasize about the apparent ease of using a font, it's hard to imagine a Knight cartoon having the same lunging impact if the letters didn't leap from his pen.