Tuesday, February 15, 2005

You Know The Face, You Know The Music

If you're a fan of jazz or Peanuts, you'll know this face. Vince Guaraldi's son runs a tribute site, which promises to eventually offer "an archive of Vince Guaraldi memorabilia: family photos, hand-written music sheets, newspaper articles, liner notes and other important artifacts..." They're also sorting through boxes of neglected recordings for eventual publication, including a tantalizing collection of musical cues from the Peanuts cartoons, stripped of dialogue and sound effects. For example, there's a jaunty and spooky mini-theme you hear at the start of It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I'd love to hear that on a CD.

There's also a discussion board, which led me to this Dave Matthews clip. (you'll need to register first) A live cover of Linus & Lucy. For the first few minutes we hear a crowd murmuring over the piano, the general elbow-bumping white noise of an audience. The hubbub eventually dims as the piano player -- Butch Taylor -- doodles what sounds like a casual improvisation on the Guaraldi style (but according to a poster on the board, this is "the rarer Thanksgiving special version, where Vince added a little bluesy walk-up before the main theme.") And then, at the 3:11 minute mark, the theme begins in earnest and the brief stillness of the audience snaps into loud pieces as listeners whoop and holler and perhaps wave their shirts overhead.

I like the idea of listeners losing their heads when they hear music first heard while they were kids.