Thursday, February 03, 2005

Today's Weather Report

One of the reasons I appreciate fan letters. This is from the opinion page of the Rocky Mountain News:

I am writing to protest the recent changes in the News' comics section. Who in their right mind came up with the bright idea of replacing Raising Duncan with The Elderberries? Who even thought The Elderberries was funny? It's a comic strip built on exploiting age-related stereotypes, nothing more. Please, please bring back Raising Duncan!

If the News must cut something, some candidates for the ax would be Spot The Frog (give me a break, I'd rather see the weather report - more laughs), Prickly City (all right already, Bush won, why can't that obnoxious little red-stater quit crowing about it) and Lucky Cow (the only reason that cow is lucky is that it doesn't have to read this strip).

Surely there are comics out there somewhere that don't make Beetle Bailey look like the epitome of humor!Mitzi B. Hicks

I know what Mitzi Hicks means. We all have our favorites. It's a startling thing when a favored item is replaced. I'm still grumbling about the lack of Ben & Jerry's chocolate sorbet, which I used to engulf when I lived in New Hampshire, but is absent here in Rhode Island (and according to the list of products at their site, it may be absent everywhere. Alas.)

But no strip is intended for everyone. That's why the comics page offers more than one, and why a television network doesn't rely on 24 hours of Dr. Phil (which proves the point pefectly -- Mary likes him, I don't -- even though he could pass as Karl's brother -- and we all coexist with wary respect.)

As for Raising Duncan, I'm afraid that chopping Spot off at the knees won't bring the strip back. Chris Browne retired it, though fans can still enjoy it in the manner of TV Land.