Friday, February 25, 2005

This Old Cartoon

Bob Boyle, producer and art director for Fairly OddParents, has a new show in production for Nick Jr. He's keeping a blog on the construction of Wubby, Widget And Walden.

How do you build a cartoon?

We had a meeting today to talk about some really tough decisions that you have to make when starting up a new production.

1- What color should the walls be?
2- What kind of furniture do you need?
3- Where do I park?

It's like moving into a new home. Or, more accurately, it's like building a new home. I'm a fan of Fairly OddParents -- it's a fantasy show that takes its fantasy seriously; the rules underpinning the show are never ignored -- and I have an idea that WW&W will be just as solid, with plumbing that works and quality tile on the roof.

I'm looking forward to seeing the blueprints.

(via Cartoon Brew)