Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Spot 2.0

Starting with the February 28 Spot, you'll notice a change in the lettering. I'm switching to all-caps, the traditional format for comics strips and cartoons in general. I started the strip with upper and lower case because I'd been lettering my greeting cards that way, and the motions were inscribed in my muscle memory. But comic strips are wee things. With all those ascenders and descenders thrusting and dangling about, sentences threaten to tangle with other sentences. And if you've seen me decipher a tight knot in a shoelace, you know I hate that sort of thing.

Also: to make the lower case letters legible, I had to make them large, which, depending on the needs of the artwork, left the characters speaking in haiku. And because I tweak the words quite a bit, it's often a challenge to shift them around -- or replace them -- when the new words might be bristling with ascenders like caterpillars with fierce antennas. If all of the words share the same height, it's a simpler matter to rearrange them.

A small thing, perhaps. But when it comes to comic strips, everything's small.