Friday, February 04, 2005

Sadly, This Guy Doesn't Live On My Street

Last week, O'Brien woke up Monday and shoveled out her own driveway then made her way across town to shovel out her mother. When she returned, a plow had dumped more snow from the street in her driveway.
Too tired to shovel again, O'Brien parked her car in the street and went inside to take a shower. When she got out, a man in a ski mask was three quarters of the way through shoveling her driveway and had already done her front walk.
"I brought hot chocolate out to him to say thank you and he turned it down," O'Brien said. "I asked him who he was and he said, 'Just a neighbor.'"
Curious as to who the mysterious stranger with the shovel and small snow blower was, O'Brien even tried to pull down his ski mask, but like a true superhero, he resisted.
"He kind of pulled away when I tried to pull his mask off, it was like Clark Kent, he didn't want his identity known," she said.

(via The Obscure Store)