Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Walking the Cartoonist

Some people get their exercise by walking their dog. I get mine by walking the cartoonist. That is, myself. It's not easy. Unlike a dog, I have the ability to imagine the future, and I know how damp and tired I'll be at the end of it. But sitting in a chair all day only excites the heart when I fall out of it. So I walk.

During my walk today I noticed that I've been drawing front doors wrong. There are many things I draw incorrectly -- unlike most artists, I'm not that observant -- but today I discovered that the front door sits at least six inches above the top of the steps.

I'm pretty sure this means my walk has become a business expense.

Big Strip, Short Dog

I'm not a dog person. But I love this strip. The art, the writing, the invention. For the last few weeks Poncho, the lead dog, has been struggling to regain his status among canines (he was caught rubbing a cat's belly, and then ostracized.) Today, in a perfect strip, his struggle is foiled.

August 26: Return of the Lawn

Next week Karl devises a solution to the frog/lawn problem. Frogs celebrate the world over. Lawns remain strangely mute.