Thursday, July 08, 2004

Rewrites, Revamps, and Tweaks

When you read a strip, it's not likely that you imagine the drafts that led up to it. I'm a cartoonist, I know the rewriting that goes into a cartoon, and even I don't wonder how many times Jim Meddick had to tweak a Monty strip. So I thought I'd lift the curtain and let you know that I rewrite a lot. I rewrite so much that I can't use the word rewrite to describe it. I'm like an eskimo with his thousand and one words for snow.

I have rewrites, revamps, and tweaks. Tweaks: changing a word or two. Rewrites: changing a panel or two. Revamps: tossing the original and starting over.

I hate to imagine what a building would look like if I were an architect.