Thursday, June 17, 2004

Coming July 8

The Elusive Target

I've heard some good guesses (explaining this character's name and action), but so far you've missed my target (which is not to say THE target, since the guesses often sound more amusing than the target I used.) Feel free to post your deductions here until the strip runs June 29.

Party Favors

When you're not invited to a party, party favors are the next best thing. If you haven't seen it, today's strip
what Spot made of his hat and balloons.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Nudging the Ice

Kiri asked who to contact in Los Angeles, with the desire to see Spot in print. If you share Kiri's curiousity, send a thoughtful note to:

Sherry Stern
Assistant Features Editor
Los Angeles Times
202 W. First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: 213-237-7997

Not to put words in your mouth or your pen or your keyboard, but allow me to offer a few words: mention that you enjoy Spot online, but would enjoy it even more in their paper; explain in a few words why you like the strip. That's it.

The space on a comics page is an ice flow. There's movement and change, but it's slow...advancing forward one letter at a time.

Light of My Life

Well, one of them, anyway.

I draw my finishes on a bottom-of-the-line light table. A sheet of plexiglass propped on my drawing table, with a fluorescent light slipped beneath it.

I've had this light for years, which lends some drama to my day. When will it give up the ghostly light and give up the ghost? When will I be forced to go shopping? (though I suspect Mary will save me from that extreme.)

Knocking at the Door

The Herald - comic

If you're within reading distance of The Herald, and you'd like to see Spot in newsprint and ink, drop Managing Editor Paul Osmundson a line.

The deadline is today, June 15, but if you miss it, it's always polite to knock on a closed door and say hello.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Most Animated Thing In My Office

I don't know the details of Spider-Man as a true fan should. My appreciation of the character is more of the store front variety -- I'm looking through a plate glass window, not close enough to touch, but I see the essentials: he can climb, he can swing, he can fire off punchlines.

The great radio show This American Life did a program on super heroes, and why certain characters were celebrated while others forgotten. The conclusion: if a character's super power was an exaggeration of a power most of us share -- the ability to run, climb, swing -- it was easy to believe that super powers were just within our reach. I certainly believed it. For many years I rarely climbed a tree without humming the Spider-Man theme song.

I have an idea that Spot feels the same way.