Saturday, June 12, 2004

Helmet, Now With Visor Action!

You can find many folks selling Mason dolls on the internet. Here's one (the source of my photo). Not only did this toy bend at the elbows and knees, but the helmet visor actually moved up and down. I loved that bit. Up and down. Up and down. It's amazing how many expressions you can create on a stoic face, simply by sliding the visor into new positions (which also applies to cartoon frogs with simple faces.)

My First Book and Hero

A few years ago Mary gave me the perfect Christmas gift: a copy of the first book I remember reading on my own. There may have been others -- and I suspect there were -- but this is the one that stuck:

Moon Mission, featuring Major Matt Mason. It was a Big Little Book, and according to the back cover, the book offered:


Major Matt Mason's rescue mission becomes a terrifying nightmare.

This was exciting stuff for an eight year old, and my pulse still races when I consider moon worms (the source of those underground caverns -- the wake of hungry worms.)

I had a Major Matt Mason doll until my younger brother broke all of its limbs.

There are things worse than moon worms.

Through a Glass Darkly

A glimpse of an upcoming Sunday, as Karl and Spot ponder something unseen in the night.

The Captain of His Own Fate

Someone wrote and pointed out a similarity between Karl and Captain Kangaroo. I wrote back and said it was coincidence. And then I confessed that we have a photo of the Captain on our bedroom wall (Mary's a big fan.) So who knows? Grandfather-type, living with a small animal-type. Maybe a few brain cells mingled without my knowing it.

As a kid, I didn't watch a lot of Captain Kangaroo. Our television, pre-cable, was at a loss when it came to CBS. But when I met Mary, she tuned me in to all I'd missed.

Tom Terrific, meet Spot the Frog.

Password Found

Now I can post without climbing up a ladder and wriggling through the tiny bathroom window. Yee-ha.

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

One of the oddities of frog nomenclature is that their names reflect who they are or what they do. If you want to know why Spot is named Spot, take a look at his baby pictures. As for the frog with the beseeching expression: he'll appear in the strip a few weeks from now. If you can guess his name, and the why of it, I'll send you a signed sketch.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Password Lost

I still haven't found my password, but I did find a backdoor to post this (using the Hello/Picasso software normally reserved for uploading pictures.) When I wasn't puzzling over the locked door to my blog, I worked on my dailies. Just finished my batch for the week beginning June 28. Tomorrow I work on a Sunday (though for those who live in Canada, I understand Sundays are published on Saturdays...)