Saturday, November 13, 2004

Snow and Bats

I just brushed several inches of snow from the car and into the driveway, which contradicts the weather in my strip (where the lack of snow will be a concern for Spot and Buddy.) Usually we don't see much snow before Christmas in Rhode Island (speaking as someone who's lived here for four years.) And for that matter, when I lived in New Hampshire the holiday would often be gray and dry. It's always a shock when the weather doesn't jibe with holiday plans.

Yesterday offered another shock. I was facing the week's deadline, down to my last strip, which was drawn, but the words didn't work. I don't understand how creativity works, aside from the fact that it usually does. It's like the electricity in the wires, or the engine in the car. I'm at a loss when those items retire or expire unexpectedly.

I finally took a bat to the supposed punchline and started over. It's the strip for December 4; let me know if the bat did the trick.