Saturday, July 03, 2004

Shovels and Picks and Letters

Ray speculated
that Spot the Frog has been out for a year or so, which is close, if you take the big picture/grand scheme as your measure. Spot launched January 5 of this year, and is days away from its sixth month anniversary. I currently have 40-some clients, while salespeople continue to entice editors with Spot.

As I've mentioned, prying a strip out of the comics page -- to make room for a new one -- is as easy as forking a tree stump from the ground. It's one thing to charm an editor. It's another to free space in the paper.

Shovels and picks do fine work, but letters from readers offer more leverage.

If you'd like to see Spot in your local paper, let the editor know. If it's a small paper, the managing editor is the person to contact. If it's a bigger paper, the Features editor is the target. If you need help finding their names/addresses, let me know and I'll root them out for you, with my thanks.